Why Isn’t It Selling? 6 Tips for Showing Your House

Apr 19, 2022 2 min read

1. Remove Personal Touches

The most important step is to look past your personal taste and see your home through a buyer’s eyes. You want buyers to see your home as a clean, tidy space that they would be happy to call their own. If you have family pictures and keepsakes in every room, buyers may have a harder time envisioning themselves in your space. Stow away stuffed animals and family portraits. Check desks, open shelves and countertops for stray items and put them away, too. Remove religious symbols, unique art pieces, taxidermy and other decor that may provoke an unwanted response. Extra clutter can be a real distraction and make it hard to sell your home.

2. Air Out Your Home

We’ve all heard of the classic trick of baking cookies before an open house to create a warm, homey environment. But it’s just as important to air out your home so potential buyers aren’t greeted by any objectionable odors. If you are still living in the home, be sure to air out cooking smells and take out the trash before showings. If you are not living in the home, be sure to open up the house before showings to air out any musty odors caused by it being closed up. And take it easy on air fresheners and scented candles — no odor is preferred to any odor that someone may find objectional.

3. Make Animals Invisible

Are you a pet owner? Chances are many of your prospective buyers are, too. While your pet may be cute and cuddly, not everyone is an animal person. Plus, your pets may remind buyers of the wear and tear that animals can cause in a home. One pro tip for showing your house is to remove signs of pets, including toys, beds, hair, cat litter and pet food. And be sure the outdoor spaces show no signs of pets either. 

4. Boost Your Curb Appeal

While your home is on the market, make sure your plants and lawn are well kept. Replace your worn-out welcome mat, trim the hedges and tidy the shrubs. Curb appeal truly does affect a buyer’s first impression of your home. Bring that same level of attention to the backyard. For many homebuyers, a nice backyard will be a major selling point, but prominent garden decorations and storage clutter could detract from your yard’s appeal.

5. Make Repairs

This critical part of the selling process will likely need to happen weeks before you’re ready to sell. Once you’ve decided to sell, walk through your home and note any areas that need repair. Replacing lights, fixing faucets and patching drywall are simple ways to get your house ready to show and will make the inspection process run smoothly when offers start coming in. Even simple things like touching up paint and oiling a squeaky door will help.

6. Lighten Up Your Rooms

Potential buyers love good lighting, because it provides a bright and cheery environment, as well as the impression of cleanliness. Make sure your home is as well-lit as it can be. To maximize the amount of natural light reaching your interior, take down drapes, open all shutters and keep the windows clean.


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