Mobile home with porch

Feel Secure with Mobile Home Insurance

Your mobile home is anything but mobile. Though it was assembled off-site, it may be in place permanently. You own the home, which means you are responsible for the structure and everything on your lot. Farm Bureau helps you protect your investment with insurance that can cover damage to the building, garage and other elements such as patios, sidewalks and driveways. Our coverage can also be tailored to include your personal belongings inside.

Repair or Replacement Cost Coverage

Protect your investment. Our complete coverage package can help you pay for a new mobile home of similar style and cost if your newer (typically less than 5 years old) mobile home is destroyed by a covered loss. Garages are not included in the mobile home policy, but you can add coverage to protect your structure(s).

Air Conditioners, Water Heaters and More

There is never a great time for your refrigerator to go out. Finding a replacement can be expensive. Our Residential Equipment Breakdown Coverage can protect you from the high cost of replacing appliances as well as home electronic systems such as stereos, televisions and computers in the event of a power surge or natural disaster.

Itemized Property Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance may cover your personal property when you have a claim, but your policy has limits. Provide an extra layer of protection for your most valuable items, like jewelry, cameras, art and other collectibles.  

Umbrella Coverage

Protect not only what is inside your home, but what happens on your property. Umbrella insurance (also known as excess liability insurance) earns its name by providing an extra layer of protection for legal liability. This coverage picks up when the liability limits of your mobile home (or auto) insurance are exhausted, and is surprisingly affordable.

Your local Farm Bureau agent provides unmatched value – Large or small, your mobile home needs protection from the what-ifs in life. Your agent will get to know you, and will customize coverage for your unique needs, offering personalized service and support that algorithms and computer programs just can’t.

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

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