Umbrella Coverage

You have liability insurance through your homeowners or auto policy – but is it enough to cover a serious accident? Umbrella insurance is a way to add another layer of protection. Umbrella insurance earns its name by arching over other policies, providing coverage when homeowners or auto policies reach their limit. In addition to paying for damages caused by an accident or unintended event, umbrella coverage can also help you protect your assets and future earnings by providing additional liability coverage.

Excess Liability Coverage

Covering Dog Bites and Trampolines

From dog bites to accidental injuries on a trampoline in your backyard and more, seemingly everyday items can pose a potential risk to both your own family and guests on your property. Without umbrella coverage, you could have to pay out of pocket for costs that exceed the limits of your home or farm/ranch policies.

Accidents on the Road

In the event you were liable for an accident on the road and the costs exceeded the limits of your auto coverage, umbrella coverage can step in to cover the additional costs. With limits typically much higher than the average auto, farm/ranch, or homeowners limits, umbrella coverage is truly providing that overarching protection you need. 

Slander, Libel or Defamation

Comments you make in a public forum – social media or otherwise – can have the potential to backfire. If you were to be accused of slander, libel or defamation, your umbrella policy could be there to back you up, providing coverage for legal defense and attorney fees.  

Your local Farm Bureau agent provides unmatched value – Your agent can help you protect everything you have spent your life working for. Your agent can offer personalized service and support that algorithms and computer programs just can’t.

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