Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? Do you find yourself tooling around on an old truck, creating sculptures from scrap metal? Fixing what’s broken and improving what’s not? If so, chances are you’re one of the DIYers — the tinkerers, the eccentrics, the handymen and women who reclaim, remake and recycle bits every day. Maybe you know one or maybe you are one. Here’s how to know if you’re a certified do-it-yourself person.

  1. You have half-finished projects in various places throughout your home.  

You pour your heart and soul into your projects, but they take time. After all, your projects aren’t just another product that can be bought in the store. You think through every detail to ensure your project is a great success. In fact, you’re an expert at explaining to your guests what your project will eventually look like … if you ever get around to finishing it.

  1. You’re a bit unconventional.

You don’t always go by the book. You do things the best way you know how because you know just how you want something to look. You like to push boundaries and improve your home in the process.

  1. You’re always looking to repurpose that box, basket, bag or piece of ribbon.

Creating something from nothing is your greatest ability. You’re able to completely transform and repurpose something that otherwise would’ve been thrown away. You take leftover scraps and turn them into a finished project.

  1. You’re not afraid to get dirty.

As a DIYer, your hands and clothing are often covered in paint, glue and other craft mediums. But that’s just part of the creation process and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. You convince your friends they can also undertake large projects themselves.

Maybe you just heard your friend talking about some work they want to have done to their house, you immediately start estimating and planning the project in your head. You may even try to convince your friend that they can do it themselves.

  1. You own a drill, staple gun, glue gun, various paint brushes, stacks of fabric, sewing machine, etc.

Having the right tools on hand makes for a much easier project. And, with all the projects you’ve completed, you’ve amassed quite the collection!

  1. Your local hardware store’s employees know you by name.

You spend a lot of time at the hardware store and probably ask a lot of questions, too. Not only are you known by name, but you know all the tricks to find what you’re looking for, like where to find the extra inventory on that one item that appears to be sold out. 

  1. You’re extra patient.

DIYing can require a huge amount of patience. Sometimes a project gets messed up and you have to start over. Other times it can seem impossible to get something to look or fit together like it should. Other times, you’re simply waiting for paint or glue to dry. As a DIYer, patience isn’t optional.

  1. You’ve defended a piece of old, chipped or scratched furniture as having “amazing bones.”

You see something in discarded items that others don’t. You have creativity and imagination in abundance. You’ll make something from nothing — and sometimes that “nothing” is a fixer-upper. But you know what to consider before investing in real estate.

  1. You have a need to personalize.

You not only want to do a project on your own, but you want to make it your own. Whether that means a monogram or just a paint job, everything you create is custom and uniquely you.

  1. You’re resilient.

You’ve overcome DIY injuries and complete project failures. But despite setbacks, you never give up. You keep moving forward.

  1. You discuss colors in terms of Duck Egg Blue, French Linen or Old White instead of blue, green, grey or pink. 

As a DIYer, you have a keen eye for detail and design. You know that there are countless shades of blue and even white.

  1. You don’t want to do it all on your own.

As a DIYer, you know your limitations. Especially when it comes to major construction projects. You may opt to hire a professional for complex projects, and take great pleasure in choosing the materials, fixtures and lighting.

  1. You’re constantly looking for ways to be inspired.

You love sharing your great ideas and are always interested in seeing what fellow DIYers have created. You find inspiration everywhere, and your creative gears are always turning.

  1. You’ve never met a project you didn’t want to do, a budget you didn’t want to shrink, or a timeline you didn’t want to implode.

You’re proud of your DIY accomplishments. The items you DIY have a lot more meaning to you than something bought from a store. And you love that your home is filled with items that you’ll never find anywhere else because they’re one-of-a-kind. Just don’t forget to protect your creations with personal property insurance.

With the help of a local Farm Bureau agent, you can find coverage that’s as customizable as the crafts you create. To learn more about how you can protect the things that matter most, contact an agent today

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