You have home and auto insurance—but does your policy include Umbrella coverage? Umbrella earns its name because the coverage arches over your vehicle and homeowner’s insurance to provide an extra layer of protection: it starts where vehicle and homeowner’s insurance liability limits stop. Still asking yourself why you’d need it? Below are 5 surprising ways Umbrella coverage can protect you from the unexpected.

  1. Social Media

    Children and teens have more access to screens and the internet than ever before. With so much of the world at their fingertips, there’s also potential for harm. A stinging comment can have lasting consequences. If you are the subject of a lawsuit because an online comment was thought to be damaging to someone else’s reputation, Umbrella coverage can protect you in the event that damages exceed the limits of your underlying liability coverages.

  2. Auto Accidents

    It’s happened to all of us: it’s just that time of year where the sun is right in your eyes while you’re driving. You’re being careful, but what if you injure a pedestrian that happens to be crossing the street? You have auto insurance, and you might assume that you are covered. In many cases, auto insurance alone would not be enough. If their injuries exceed the underlying limits set by your auto insurance, Umbrella can add an extra layer of protection to help ensure you can pay legal fees and medical bills –and even make up for claims on your future earnings.

  3. Dogs

    We love our four-legged friends, but did you know they can also be a liability? Dog bites and dog-related injuries accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2016.* If your dog bites someone, Umbrella can step in if you are required to pay substantial damages.

  4. Backyard BBQs

    Strange but true; any time you invite guests onto your property for a social event like barbecue, pool party or a small garage sale, you could be at risk. Imagine someone stumbling on a crack in your driveway or sidewalk and injuring themselves. If they have large medical bills, you could also be the one paying if you don’t have Umbrella coverage.

  5. Vacant Land

    You’d think empty land wouldn’t be an issue. But did you know that, whether you’re actively using the land or not, you’re the one responsible if something happens on that property? If, for example, someone wanders onto your property (invited or not) and gets seriously injured, you could be the one paying for it—unless you have Umbrella coverage.

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