The insurance industry is full of opportunities and interesting careers. Not convinced? We talked with four Farm Bureau Financial Services employees and found out what they like about working in insurance and what they love about Farm Bureau.

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Mallory Osen, Senior Field Sales Assistant

Osen joined Farm Bureau nearly 2 years ago when she was looking for a new and different opportunity and saw the position open at Farm Bureau. She says, “What I love most about Farm Bureau is that it feels like a family and I know that the people I work with everyday care about me.” Osen is very involved in the company, including the Master program helping to onboard new employees, The Power of Two mentorship program, Toastmasters Club and more.

Osen likes working in the industry for the impact she’s able to make in the lives of others. “You don’t have to have an insurance background to enjoy working in the insurance industry. There is a role for everyone and there’s so much to learn.”

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Maggie McCain, Ag Marketing Underwriter  

McCain has been with Farm Bureau for 18 years. She came from the social services field and was drawn to the opportunity at Farm Bureau because she wanted to continue to help people. She says, “It’s the entire package that keeps me at Farm Bureau. The opportunity to help people combined with the great work/life balance and benefits.”

McCain says, “Being on the front line of the insurance industry, you have to really be able to listen, show compassion and empathy while being able to make quick decisions.  Our decisions can have impact on the livelihood and future of our client/member, so we need to get them right.” 

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Ryan Rosenow, Ag Underwriting Consultant  

Rosenow, a 5-year Farm Bureau employee, likes working at Farm Bureau because it’s a tight-knit company. Rosenow grew up in the insurance industry and knew what a great impact insurance can have on the lives on others. He says, “The most fulfilling part of my career is impacting lives and protecting livelihoods.”

2020 has been a challenging and unique year. Rosenow says, “Operations are a little different. I normally wouldn’t be working in my kitchen! But with technology and with the great team we have in Nebraska, we’ve worked well together and have continued with our normal operations. We’ve kept the close-knit nature of our team.”

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Sara Clasen, Business Center Director  

Clasen, a 12-year Farm Bureau employee, says she was drawn to the opportunity at Farm Bureau when she moved to a rural area of her state and wanted to put her insurance knowledge to use on the ag side of the insurance industry. Clasen says, “I like working at Farm Bureau because it feels like a family and everyone here is looking out for your best interests as an employee and a person and I feel so valued.” She continues, “Farm Bureau does a great job of developing employees and giving everyone opportunities to grow.”

When asked why she enjoys the insurance industry, Clasen replies, “The insurance industry is very exciting. It’s very rewarding and we take care of people every single day, regardless of what department you’re in. Taking care of people at some of their worst moments can be challenging but it’s very rewarding to see the ways you can impact their lives positively.”

Diverse Career Paths

Contrary to what you might imagine, not all insurance jobs are based at a desk. While we have our share of office space, we also have a great variety of positions – many out in the field, working one-on-one with our client/members. We hire people with experience in agriculture to support the farmers and ranchers we do business with, including Ag Marketing Underwriters who have a deep understanding of farm operations and help our agents make underwriting decisions.

Plus, we actively recruit people with a variety of experience, including:

When you work in insurance, there is no shortage of career paths to explore. No matter your experience, you have something important to offer to a varied and growing industry.

Consider a Career in Insurance

When you’re ready to change your future, consider an insurance career. This stable and flourishing industry is looking for talented people who want to help protect their friends and neighbors while making a difference in their communities. Does this sound like you? Check our current positions or join our Talent Network to connect with our recruiters and hiring managers today!

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