14 Ways Elf Can Ruin Your Holidays

Dec 1, 2015 4 min read

Winter is here! And unfortunately so is the chance for holiday mishaps. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have had a few slip-ups here and there just like our dear friend Elf. Learn about a few of Elf’s holiday debacles and how insurance helped him overcome these treacherous obstacles.

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1. Snowy Mishaps
As the weather begins to cool down and the seasons change - we all have been (or worried that we could be) where Elf is when it is snowing. Feel reassured day and night with roadside assistance.
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2. Business Uncertainties
You have worked hard for years like Elf to have your own business, and with all of the amazing aspects that come with owning your own business protecting it from uncertainties is crucial. Ensure the success of your business now and well into the future with insurance.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-33. Condo Blunder
Important items within our home or condo, such as our furnace, always seem to break down when we need them most. Don’t be like Elf: protect yourself from high-cost situations like this one with condo insurance.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-44. Winter Disaster
During the cooler months, we all understand how expensive our heating bills can be when trying to keep our home warm. Don’t make the same mistake as Elf. When he turns down the thermostat, he runs the risk of pipes bursting and the basement flooding. The good news is, you can avoid being like Elf and protect yourself from this situation with homeowners insurance!
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-55. Farmers’ Misfortune
Winter brings an abundance of uncertainties for farmers and their equipment. Avoid the horrible feeling Elf must be experiencing after hail or a snowstorm that can leave your property and equipment severely damaged - learn how farm and ranch insurance can help.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-66. Holiday Mishaps
The holidays are here! And with the holidays come family and excessive amounts of food. While enjoying the company of your family and friends, accidents can happen - the good news is Elf has quality insurance he can feel good about when he needs it most.
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7. Festive Catastrophe
Let’s be honest, we all can admit at one time or another we have had our ‘Christmas Vacation’ moment like Chevy Chase and plugged in far too many holiday lights like Elf here. Though it may be a beautiful and bright sight, it could cause a power outage and blow a fuse. Put your mind at ease and keep your holiday cheer intact with the help of Farm Bureau's Homeowners Insurance.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-88. Scented Setback
Nothing beats the heavenly aroma of scented candles throughout the holiday season… until you realize you forgot to blow the candle out before you left the house. Don’t be like Elf, prepare for potential accidents with the help of insurance!
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-99. Shopper’s Tragedy
Do you enjoy making most of your holiday purchases online? So does Elf. Unfortunately, this is where thieves do as well.  With the holiday season being a prime time for identity theft, stay safe and proactive with identity theft protection.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-1010. Jewelry Fiasco
There is nothing worse than that horrible feeling you get when you realize you have lost or had a prized possession stolen. With special personal property insurance, you can avoid feeling like Elf, and know that your personal belongings are covered when these unfortunate situations arise.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-1111. Unfortunate Mix-Up
Accidental mix-ups happen all of the time, especially when we are in a hurry to get certain chores done. Avoid being in a regrettable situation like Elf and prepare for these moments with residential equipment insurance.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-1212. Unexpected Breakdown
It can be overwhelming to have unexpected breakdowns within your home, specifically when you have family and friends in town for the holidays. Whether it’s your water furnace, television or even the stereo, Farm Bureau Financial Services can get you (and Elf) back to enjoying time with your friends and family with residential equipment insurance.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-1313. ​Not Giving Back
Giving back to those less fortunate throughout the holidays is a wonderful thing. When you choose life insurance with Farm Bureau Financial Services like Elf, you could have the opportunity to designate a favorite charity as a beneficiary on your policy.
14 ways your elf can ruin your holidays-1414. Not Thinking About the Future
When you dream about your future where do you see yourself? Is it enjoying your holidays on the beach each year, skiing in Colorado or relaxing in Florida? Farm Bureau retirement funding can help keep you from being like elf. Time flies by faster than you think, start saving now so you can enjoy those amazing years to come.

Protect Yourself From Being Like Elf
The holiday season can get busy and at times messy. The good news is, you don’t have to deal with these situations alone! With the help of Farm Bureau Financial Services, we have you covered when your inner elf comes out.

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