4 Reasons to Consider a Career in Insurance

Aug 5, 2020 2 min read

What are you looking for in the next step in your career? A sense of purpose? The ability to leverage fresh technology in your position? The opportunity to give back in the community where you live and work? A career in insurance can give you each of these things – and more. So, whether you are just beginning your career or you’re a seasoned professional looking to take the next step, here are four reasons you should consider a career in insurance:

Work with a Purpose

Insurance is a promise to stand with our clients… when someone buys insurance, they purchase knowing that they will be protected if the worst happens. People who work in the insurance industry help companies live up to this promise, working daily to help client/members recover and rebuild. From local agents to the claims team, it’s our first responders who help make the difference.

But the people who work in insurance aren’t just there to make the bad days better; they are there to help plan for brighter tomorrows. Organizations like Farm Bureau Financial Services provide a full suite of products and services, including educational resources, financial planning assistance, ways to protect their farm or business and more – helping people protect their livelihoods and build solid futures. No matter their position, our team members can make a difference for our client/members.

Technology and Innovation

Insurance companies are employing cutting-edge technology to provide the right service to client/members. At Farm Bureau, our award-winning IT department doesn’t just provide technical support or wait for others to create innovative programs; our teams are building and shaping business solutions that increase agents’ service capability, expand our ability to deliver new products and improve customer experience.

Our commitment to technology and innovation doesn’t end with one department, though. Despite an 80-year history, Farm Bureau is always on the cusp of the future. Anyone in the organization can advance a new idea or work to streamline a process. Because we believe that our employees have the power to change our future, we have formal programs in place that encourage innovation, foster creativity and maximize the potential of our teams.

The Opportunity to Give Back

At Farm Bureau, we are committed to our communities, providing opportunities for employees to give on a much more personal level – to share their time and talent with the organizations that make a difference. Employees are able to participate in a wealth of opportunities including corporate volunteer days, paid volunteer time and special projects. Farm Bureau employees are committed to bettering our community through the work we do on and off the clock.

With so many worthy organizations out there, employees can volunteer for the causes that are most important to them with the volunteer time off program. Employees can spend eight hours of their time volunteering for a 501(c)(3) organization.

Diverse Career Paths

Contrary to what you might imagine, not all insurance jobs are based at a desk. While we have our share of office space, we also have a great variety of positions – many out in the field, working one-on-one with our client/members. We hire people with experience in agriculture to support the farmers and ranchers we do business with, including Ag Marketing Underwriters who have a deep understanding of farm operations and help our agents make underwriting decisions.

Plus, we actively recruit people with a variety of experience, including:

When you work in insurance, there is no shortage of career paths to explore. No matter your experience, you have something important to offer to a varied and growing industry.

Consider a Career in Insurance

When you’re ready to change your future, consider an insurance career. This stable and flourishing industry is looking for talented people who want to help protect their friends and neighbors while making a difference in their communities. Does this sound like you? Check our current positions or join our Talent Network to connect with our recruiters and hiring managers today!


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